• Elizabeth Hentschel

The work continues!

It has been a little over 3 weeks since I arrived back in the United States. During my last week in Pakistan, the research team and I decided on a strategy to ensure quality assurance and make sure they all had adequate support from Saima and myself. The RA's have a WhatsApp group that they talk in constantly to discuss any research-related issues, successes, or just funny experiences! Shehnaz, is the lead RA, and she collects all of their forms at the end of each week. She then will report to Saima during the team's weekly meetings to go over any issues and make sure there is no assessor drift. Saima then reports to me the highlights from the week and we discuss a path forward. That is to say, that although I am no longer in Pakistan, this work will continue until October. I am extremely grateful for the funding from the WAPPP fellowship, which made all of this work possible. This project is particularly important because it is DREAM NGO's first research project, that will pave the way forward for the future work of the organization. DREAM truly embodies how much we can accomplish when women support women and I'm lucky to be a part of their team!

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